Terms of Use

Welcome to Komunta (Social network platform)

Komunta provides a service which let people contact each other, create groups, and reach customers. These terms govern and control any activities in regard to using Komunta the social network platform. It states all essential information where it gives us the right to prevent any activity which seems against our community. So, please read careful to enjoy our services without any delay.

Running ads

If you continue using our service, you will be convenient about shown ads. We run ads for organizations, individuals who run business, and anyone who pay to use our advertising services. Also, we run third-party ads such as google ads. As long as you use Komunta, we might use your personal data to help to show ads to the targeted customers.

In-depth of dealing with privacy, we do not sell or use your personal data to any third party and keep it safe away from misusing, unless you give us permission to do so. Our services support using your inserted data to targeted specific customers without intending you personally. We might provide advertisers with reports to facilitate managing their ads to grow business.

The services we provide

Building communities are our subliming mission where all people can gather in one place sharing desirable events. Organization and individuals can provide services and products to registered users.

Our platform is rich of modules to help users practice their intended activities such as news feed, posts, groups, pages, events, videos, and much more to share their ideas and the content they create.

Sharing content

Using Komunta allows you to share any content you want and all contents lies under your responsibilities. Yet, we authorized to delete or prevent any content which can harm our community and affect their using our platform.

Protect our community

In the terms of use our platform, we do our best to make users feel safe and more relief while they enjoying our services. We do not allow any kind of spam or harmful conduct which can abuse users’ rights.

Stop ads

We gave you all rights to run ads on our platform unless it goes against our community. We authorized to stop any kind of ads which can look harmful as promotion for illegal products or harm any other organizations.

Adding new services

At any time, we might add any new services which enhance the experience of users, or run any third parties activities which support our communities.

Store data

By using our platform you agree to Store all your shared content on our cloud to operate our services. We also store your personal data you use to fill forms and use to run our services.


We get funded through providing some services which allow users and organizations to run ads. In this regard we might use your data to run relevant ads to provide ultimate service.

Our services protect users’ rights and we do not sell your data to any organization fund us to show ads. They only use our services which use your location, gender, age, etc. to grant who pays us the maximum benefit to target customers.


You own all the rights for all your contents you share on our platform, and we do not use it in any manner. We only facilitate your activities to be worldwide and reach more people as much as you can.

Updating terms

We update terms based on our communities’ behaviors. That is why we might update the terms of use to meet the expectation of our customers.

We have the right to change these terms and you will not be noted by emails. From time to time you have to check it out to recognize if there any changes occur.

We type the date of updating at the top of terms so it can be easily noticed.