Social media impact on our lives

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Social media has impacted our lives positively both socially and economically. Social media
include publications and websites that are used by users to participate in social networking, share
content or create content.

Social media has impacted our lives positively both socially and economically. Social media
include publications and websites that are used by users to participate in social networking, share
content or create content. Social media has affected our lives both positively and negatively, it
has impacted our social interactions.

Social media has improved our communication

It has improved our communication skills and increase our interactions with each other.
Communication through social media is constantly evolving and reducing interpersonal
communication. Social media platforms such as Tweeter, Facebook, Whatsapp among others
have led to the improvement of our communication. Through these websites then people are able
to reconnect, share memories, plan events as well as communicating.

Social media has also positively helped to influence a healthy lifestyle

Through social media one can know how to live a healthy life and even get into exercising
programs to help in managing the body weight. Social media motivate people who want to be
healthy to speak up and seek assistance. There are platforms that also one can be able to learn
how to cook healthy foods which are also delicious.

Social media improves connectivity

Social media help us to connect with other people and share what we really feel. It helps in
cultivating and strengthening relationships. It shouldn’t however, make us forget about the
importance of physical contact with our friends.

Social media has helped us to keep up to date with the recent occurrences around us
We greatly rely on social media to keep up to date. Nowadays one is even able to read the
newspaper through social media and thus keep up to date about the world around them.
Social media help us to stay connected with other people even if they are a thousand miles away.
The social media helps us to stay in touch with other people and what is happening in their life
and thus strengthens our friendship bond with each other.

Social media can help push us out of our comfort zone

The influence of social media is great sometimes it can make someone step out of their comfort
zone even just for can also help in booting on one’s confidence. For example, if
going for an interview one may search for likely asked questions and answers and thus one may
in return gain some confidence in themselves. We can also share experiences and memorable
moments either through posting a picture or creating a short video and in return we can learn
about our strengths and the things that make us great thus boosting our self-confidence in the

Social media has greatly promoted education

It has also led to an increase in the knowledge of both students and teachers. Social media
provide unbound opportunities for learning, one can follow an expert that they are interested in
their work. Students can also be taught by mentors in through the social media on a topic that
they might not be comfortable discussing in the class or they may not have fully understood.
Today one can easily access libraries, art galleries, encyclopedia and other sources of
information easily. It’s also easy to learn a foreign language and even practice it.

It’s easy to discover contents that interest you in the social media

The social media also creates a platform for an individual to be creative and showcase their
creativity or market their products. It helps individuals to also learn different skills that can help
them survive in the real world. One can also discover great educational materials concerning
different topics.

People are also helping to create communities

Through social media, people can help create communities that include people with a common
agenda. For example, people who have an interest in sports can for a community or unemployed
individuals can for a group to inform each other of job opportunities, music lovers, car lovers,

Social media can help to improve mental health

Social media has created a platform that allows people to be able to express their emotions and
give the required assistance. This in return helps to reduce the cortisol hormone, which is the

hormone for stress. Their also online therapy classes that one can enroll to be give canceling by a
professional therapist at a low cost or even for free.

Social media can also be a platform to create a voice of reason

It can be used to give voice to the voiceless. It can help people who are less advantageous
socially and also those with disabilities to air their grievances and problems.

Social media can help save lives in case of an emergency

Information about emergencies such as bad weather is immediately reported through social
media and make people aware of and observe safety measures. For example during the tornado
season in the United States in 2011 most of people’s lives were saved because of safety
the information posted on various social media platforms including Facebook.

Social media help people to self-express themselves without any fear

It can help in saving lives this is by motivating people to seek help in case of suicidal thoughts
and create awareness. It can also be a platform of canceling people and reassuring them that they
are not alone. There are websites that have created platforms where people can share their
experiences and get canceling and motivation from other people who have gone through the
same without fear and without revealing their identity hence giving them confidence and

Social media has also sharpened our marketing skills

It has led to an increase in customer satisfaction by improving the level of customer service. It
has led to the success of various businesses. Through social media, businesses have also been
able to create brand awareness. It also saves on the cost of advertising.

Social media can be used for noble causes

These noble causes include promoting non-government organizations.
Through social media, people are able to learn various innovations that help them improve their
own lives by creating awareness.

Social media has also enabled immediate access to information

With an increase in content been written by writers and bloggers the amount of information as
increased exponentially. One can get as much information about a certain topic or incident as one
wants and make his/her conclusion.

Social media has led to the promotion of culture

It has helped to bring culture more closely to the people and making it easily accessible and has also nurtured the new forms of art and helped in the spread of knowledge. It has
also promoted new innovations that lead to the creation of new services, goods and ideas thus
opening opportunities through online tools.

Social media has also helped people to be able to voice out their political opinions

According to research most of the young people who tend to voice out their political opinion on
social media are more likely to take part in public affairs of the country. Social media help to
educate people about their political obligations and encourage them to express their political
liberties. By the citizens freely being able to express their political opinions and view sometimes
it can cause an impact in the government decision making and also encourage them to go and
exercise their voting right in large numbers.

Social media help to improve entertainment

Social media has created a platform that allows people to get entertained either through the
videos that are posted online, play games, view pictures or even read stories. Either through the
computer or the smartphone.

Social media help in the building of relationships

Through social media, one is able to find people who have common interests and connect with
them. It has made communication faster and much easier. According to recent research, people
tend to communicate more freely and honestly through social media as compare to face to face.
It makes the world seem smaller this is by opening us to the rest of the world and we are able to
communicate effectively and easily with other people in other continents around the world. It is

easy to also find new friends. You may have over a hundred friends who you have never seen but
that doesn’t lessen the connection or make them not friends.

Social media can act as group therapy this is by fostering empathy

On is able to express his/her emotions freely and his social media friend help in giving solutions
or sharing our daily experiences both good and bad, our lives twists and turns and
its ups and downs we are able to empathize with each other and help each other get through life.

Social media has also created employment

Through social media some people mostly the youth have been employed either as bloggers or
writers. Some also get employed by companies to advertise their products and do sales on social
media, others also help in creating websites for various companies.

Social media is also useful for selling and buying products

Platforms such as Facebook, Killmall, and Masoko, etc. are media platforms that enable us to
buy products we are interested with or even sell them. Some even offer free delivery to the
product bought. This also saves time.

However social media has also impacted our lives negatively. It has lessened interpersonal
interaction with each other and people tend to maintain communication with people who are far
away as compared to those who are near. It has encouraged laziness among people and
negatively impacts on our body fitness. There is a lot of false information and false
advertisements all over our social platforms. It has corrupted our culture and washed away our
beliefs. The social media has also lead to amplification of ignorance, this by encouraging to
express their opinions freely on matters that are not that important.

There is no privacy in social media. Issues such as misuse of information, identity theft, and
personal attacks are common in social media. The privacy of users in various social media
platforms is not well secured sometime the users cause by sharing content that should not be
shared publicly. Anonymity as also tampered with privacy and habitual trolls and prankers have
taken advantage of the identity-hiding in these platforms.

Social media has led to useless shopping among people. People tend to spend more money on
buying this that they don’t necessarily need instead of buying only what they need.
Cyberbullying as impacted negatively to people’s lives. It has caused low self -esteem among the
people. Advertising can sometimes make people think low of themselves especially when well
body fit models are used to create body shape which is not in accordance with the body shape of
most men and women. This can also lower self -esteem among people who have low self-
esteem. Spending much time on the screens on electronic devices can greatly affect our visual.

People tend to spend more time talking than taking action on important issues. Most people just
point out a certain problem and critic it but never come up with ways to fix that particular
problem. Personal topics such as religion politics or culture tend to cause commotions between
people. People attack each other if they have a different opinion regarding such topics and it
leads to negatively judging each other’s character. Social media is also addictive and sometimes
it can trigger sad emotions. People tend to rate their worthiness by the number of like one gets
either after posting a picture or commenting.

In conclusion, social media can impact both positively and negatively but either way, it has led to
our development and made us more successful. Business wise if social media is used positively it
can be cost effective for example even the paid campaigns on social media such as Facebook
Ads tend to be cheaper as compared to other advertising means such as search engine ads.
Socially social media help us connect with each other more and when used in the right way it can
be a great platform to form great friendship bonds.