Time Management

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Time! In the 21st century, time is of the essence whatever you are planning to do with your life and most people agree that it is the thing they are lacking the most.

Time! In the 21st century, time is of the essence whatever you are planning to do with your life and most people agree that it is the thing they are lacking the most. Since social networks have become a sort of fashion and style of life, people have less and less time to do the actual things they want. In order to be successful in your career, you must be an efficient and well-organized person, though nowadays this particular concept is rather hard to achieve.

Salvador Dali about the passing of time

One of the most famous painters and artists in the world, Salvador Dali, had painted the picture under the name "The Persistence of Memory". It shows the melting pocket watches on the field and the passing of time. Dali was constantly under the impression that we as a human population are wasting time on the thing that is not important.

Have you ever felt that you are wasting your time by only thinking about the things that need to be done and not actually doing anything?

Did you ever feel that you cannot manage your daily obligation because you are stressed out over thinking about how to actually manage to finish everything in time?

You feel that you are doing your best, but even that is not enough to finish everything on time and to progress further with your studying, job or hobby?

Worry not, we are here to give you some of the best and most used techniques for time management and skill that can help you achieve your daily goals much faster than before…
Everyone has the same amount of time in each day, everything has to fit in those 24h that we have in one day, thus learning to manage your time correctly may be one of the best things to do nowadays.

Planning ahead!

One technique that is often used by many people is planning ahead, basically, it means that you should plan your whole next day before going to bed and in the morning, you only need to follow your instruction and everything will be done much faster and smoother. By doing this, you would become more professional and more successful in everything that you do. It does not require any money spending and the only material that you need is a pen and a paper. Time is a very precious thing that we have to take care of to improve our daily lives.

Do not get distracted!

One of the most common situations that happen to everyone is having a plan already prepared, but at the same time having something that distracts you from doing the actual work. How many times did you find yourself staring at the TV or scrolling down the social networks instead of working or studying? In order to free yourself from these habits, you should just decide which part of the day will be for relaxation and social networks. By doing this, you will manage to be more focused on the actual work and your time will surely be far better managed. This is one of the hardest habits that one needs to break in order to become truly successful in time management.

Things to do in order to prevent distraction:
• Turn off your sound for notification on your mobile device
• Turn off your wi-fi if you do not need it for your job
• There is a great function on your mobile device that can be even timed automatically for everyday experience, it is 100% free, pre-installed on every smartphone and supported by any device. Yes, you guessed right, the so-called " Do not disturb" button
• If you are working in a building or office with other people, try to isolate yourself for better usage of time and for better management. Use headphones shut the doors or even put curtains on windows if you feel distracted.
• Make sure that everything with sound is silenced or that it has at least a lowered volume, because once something rings in the time of your information process, you may lose your thought forever. Do not let this happen to you!

Time Tracking and Counting

This technique is rather popular with students, writers, bloggers, etc. it is really reliable and good when you need to do a repetitive action, such as studying for the exam on a daily basis. Take one whole day and study or work on whatever you wanted to work on.
Turn on your time counter or simply remember at which time you have started, write it down and then when you are finished with your work or study, write down the time at which you have finished. By doing this, you give yourself the information on how long does it take for you to do something, thus you can easily decide at which point of the day you want to fit in that time. Most of the students state that Time Tracking is one of the techniques which they use often when it comes to preparation for some exam that is hard and that involves a lot of reading.


One of the things that can be really stressful is deciding what is important and what is not when it comes to time management, thus most of the people end up doing neither. In order to be more successful in your career, you should make some priorities and stick to them. You should decide which things are on the “MUST DO” list and which things are less important.
You can even make charts on your calendar and write descriptions about the things that you need to do for the whole next week, thus by doing this, you will be constantly reminded that these things are waiting to be done and at any moment you will make your time management according to those priorities.
This can be really useful if you have a lot of meetings and scheduled conversations with someone. It will always be a good reminder about which days you are free to do whatever you want and on which days you should be organized.

Time Management according to productivity

There are different types of people in this world, some people are more of a morning person or the so-called "Early Birds" while others are more active at night. Have you ever thought that productivity actually depends more on your personality type rather than on your abilities? By giving yourself time to figure out which part of the day soothes you better, you can easily manage your time.
For example, if you are an "Early Bird", you should probably do some of the things that require more focus and hard work in the morning, thus in the evening when you already feel exhausted, you can do some things that do not require a lot of concentration, whatever does thing might be. On the other hand, if you are more focused at night, than you should ask yourself what are the things that you can finish in that particular period.
It does not matter how unimportant things might look to you, you should put them on your list for the night activities and by doing so, you would relieve yourself of those chores in the morning and you will have a lot more energy and focus for the things that you can do only in daytime.

Time rewarding

Have you ever felt that you need something to be done ASAP, but you just cannot make yourself to do it? Have you ever said to yourself the famous line: "I know I have to do it, but I simply can't"? This is one of the most common problems when it comes to time management and this situation is probably the hardest one to handle.

There are numerous techniques on how to get yourself motivated, but why should you waste your time on motivating yourself when you can easily start with work and at the same time motivate yourself. Time rewarding is surely the best technique for this particular problem.

It is done by setting the alarm every 10 to 20 min. depending on how much energy you actually have for doing something. Then you are doing something which important for 10 min. and you are resting or scrolling down the social network for the next 10 min. This process is repetitive and can easily make move the time lapse from 10 to 20 min. and later from 20 min.

even to 40 min. For those who are not willing to do something that is considered mandatory, this would be the best technique there is.

Do not waste time by waiting

We are constantly waiting for something! Waiting in line for the tickets in the cinema, waiting for dinner to be cooked, waiting for our coffee to arrive at Starbucks, etc. We are surrounded by lines in which we are obliged to wait and we all know that no one likes to do it, so why not using it to your advantage? Whenever you feel that you have time for doing some small work, you should use it! Everybody knows that you cannot actually get focused at the time that you waste on waiting in lines, thus it is probably not a good idea to do some important things, but rather some things that can later cost you time while doing the actually important stuff.

You can easily use your waiting time to answer some of the emails or to make a phone call to your friend. This can be a great thing when it comes to time management because you would do the less important things at the time in which you cannot do anything else. This time can also be used for relaxation and rest from all the time management and work that you have put in.

If you are in a situation in which you entered a bus and there are a free seat and an hour ride to your destination, you can try and nap for a little or read something for pleasure. Music is also great for relaxation and for recharging your batteries.

Singling out the important stuff

There is that one thing that you need to finish which is mandatory. Firstly, focus on finishing that which seems to be the hardest and the most important to you. By finishing the most important work first, you should feel less pressure about the other things that need to be done, thus it would make you more relaxed and ready to manage your time in the best manner.
Stress about important things can actually influence your entire day and ruin your already managed time. By singling out the important stuff, you made sure that the mandatory things will be done on time. The only thing to remember when using this technique is not to involve everything into the important circle.

Journal Keeping

Sometimes we are not certain if we actually did the things that we should have. You probably have one of those projects that you have done earlier and you need it again, but you forgot on which date you have done it and now you cannot find it.
This is the most common mistake in jobs that have a lot of paper-work and calculations. By keeping a time management journal, you can always put dates and times of the thing that you have actually done in the past and at any point, you can find where that "missing paper" might have ended up. Nowadays there are a lot of apps and programs for your smartphone which can be used as journals for jobs. You can easily add time, date, as well as the document regarding that particular date. Thus, if you come into the situation in which your boss asks for something you have done in the past, you would be prepared and you would not lose any of your precious time. What is even more important, you would give an impression of a well organized, professional worker who is always ready for everything.

These were some of the time management methods that we consider to be the most efficient.